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digitalmars.D.announce - std.experimental.ndslice.algorithm is ready for review

reply Ilya Yaroshenko <ilyayaroshenko gmail.com> writes:
ndslice.algorithm contains multidimensional ndMap and 10 basic 
iteration templates.

PR[1] contains section Asked Questions. It may help to understand 
the motivation of this module.

Current documentation is available in [2] -> algorithm. Please 
note, that it will be update based in your comments. If you want 
to see documentation with recent changes please visit
[1] -> CyberShadow/DAutoTest -> Phobos -> 
std.experimental.ndslice -> algorithm. If it is not available 
please wait a few minutes while CyberShadow/DAutoTest generates 
new versions of documentation.

Also the set of ndslice PRs [3] was already reviewed and can be 

[1] https://github.com/dlang/phobos/pull/4652

Best Regards,
Jul 30 2016
parent Ilya Yaroshenko <ilyayaroshenko gmail.com> writes:
The PR and Mir v0.16.0-alpha7 have half and triangular 
selections. They are very helpful to work with matrixes.
Aug 09 2016