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* http://wiki.dlang.org/Review_Queue
* http://wiki.dlang.org/Review/std.d.lexer

===== Formal Decision =====

Assuming I have not missed anything (there were plenty of 
off-topic in voting thread unfortunately), final stats are:

Voted total : 21
Yes         : 11
Yes, If     : 3
No          : 7

Among voters all 3 members of D-Programming-Language GitHub 
organizations voted "No".

Even all "Yes, If" votes will be counted as "Yes" overwhelming 
agreement won't be reached. As was discussed earlier, inclusion 
into standard library is matter too important to be decided by 
simple majority.

Right now I am declaring this proposal as Rejected / Postponed.

===== Outcome =====


Further course of actions highly depends on Brian intentions. 
Everyone has agreed that such module is useful and needed in 
Phobos so it is perfectly possible to modify actual 
implementation according to review / voting comments and get back 
into review queue. However, Brian has shown certain interest in 
idea of more generic lexer proposed by Andrei and I don't know if 
he is willing to push the current one.


Whatever further decision is, I highly recommend to form current 
`std.d.lexer` as dub package. I have recently had a discussion on 
topic with Sonke Ludwig and adding package categorization is 
currently one of priorities for dub registry.

Once it is implemented, `std.d.lexer` can be moved to moderated 
`Phobos Candidate` category if Brian will be interested in 
continuing to work in that direction.


It has become clear that current review process leaves place to 
uncertainity in case of more controversial proposals which makes 
decision of Review Manager too impactful. I would be glad to see 
Jesse Phillips (as someone both familiar with Boost process and 
experienced in our reviews) to enhance current Review Process 
definition with more formal rules for such cases. It should be 
discussed and decided separately.

Destroy (c)
Oct 13 2013