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digitalmars.D.announce - scone v1.1.0

//scone, Simple Console Engine is a Windows console API, made for 
easier CLI application development. 

Today, at v1.1.0, some pretty big additions for scone were 
introduced, the two main points being
  * UI libray
  * Localization

Biggest addition is the UI library, which allows for much simpler 
ways to handle certain elements of an application. This includes 
simple labels, text fields, options etc, which can be altered in 
a variety of ways. Elements are accessed in the same manor as 
android applications does it `auto t = 
ui.elementById("screenText"); t.color = Color.yellow;`. Example 
of login screen: http://i.imgur.com/s6eSIDW.gif

Second point is localization. Different keyboards have different 
layouts. This is why .locale files are introduced, which follows 
a csv pattern. Corresponding key matches a lowercase and 
uppercase/shifted character (read as ubytes). For example in 
en_US.locale: "key_2   2    " can be found. Currently there is 
only one .locale (en_US). These will hopefully be expanded upon 

Feedback is always appreciated!

Jul 02 2016