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digitalmars.D.announce - ggplotd v0.9: Added geomDensity and geomDensity2d support.

I’d like to announce a new release of the ggplotd plotting 

Main changes are:

User visible change:

- geomDensity and geomDensity2D (kernel smoothed hist and hist2d)
- Browseable api documentation using harbored-mod
- Updates to documentation
- Some deprecations due to moving/renaming
     - mergeRange moved to ggplotd.range
     - geomHist3D renamed to geomHist2D

Other changes:

- Addition of ggplotd.stat module
- Split some geom functions into separate geom and stat part
- Many refactors

Plotcli: https://github.com/BlackEdder/plotd

A new version of plotcli has also been released, which depends on 
the new ggplotd version. As a result plotcli can now also create 
density and density2d plots (which are basically smoothed 
May 18 2016