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digitalmars.D.announce - etc.curl: Review has been suspended

As per the original announcement [1], today would have been the start of 
the one-week voting period for inclusion of Jonas Drewsen's high-level 
libcurl wrapper module into Phobos. To recapitulate, the code can be 
found at GitHub [2], the last commit before the review started being 
144f70e from August 16.

However, a number of concerns were raised during the review, ranging 
from a number of trivial typos to a few bigger issues which require more 
work. Because it would have been unlikely for the library to pass the 
inclusion vote in its current state, it was decided to postpone the 
voting phase to give Jonas enough time to incorporate the suggestions.

Thanks Jonas for your great work and for being willing to push the 
library though yet another round of refinements, and as usual, thanks 
for everybody who participated in the review process. I'm positive we 
will soon be able to add a high-quality Http/Ftp/Smtp interface to the D 
standard library both comprehensive and idiomatic in nature.

We will now move on to review the next item in the queue, a related 
announcement will be posted by the review manager in charge shortly. 
Once Jonas is happy with the state of his work, the etc.curl review will 
be resumed.

Again, thanks to everybody, these are exciting times for D in terms of 
community participation and code quality!


[2] https://github.com/jcd/phobos/blob/curl-wrapper/etc/curl.d
Sep 01 2011