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digitalmars.D.announce - dip - another D package manager

reply Rory McGuire <rjmcguire gmail.com> writes:
Hi all,

I've started working on a little experimental package manager
https://github.com/rjmcguire/dip that works similar to golang's go command.
I've only tested it on linux amd64.

At the moment the commands that work are (these are examples):

# to fetch a repo using git (only works for github.com at the mo'), files
placed in $DPATH[0]/src/
dip get github.com/D-Programming-Deimos/openssl

# to build
dip github.com/D-Programming-Deimos/openssl
# or from a packages directory:

# to install in the first path found in DPATH, $DPATH[0]/bin for
dip -i
# or
dip install github.com/D-Programming-Deimos/openssl

Program expects a environment variable DPATH to exist, it will tell you:
*$ dip*
*WARNING DPATH NOT SET, suggest DPATH="~/d/:/usr/local/d"*

Program assumes dmd is in /usr/local/d/bin/dmd unless you set DROOT to
something else such as "/usr/" in which case it will use /usr/bin/dmd.

Config is in README.md example (excluding ====== lines):
# vibe.d - The vibe.d web services framework

## Dependencies:
 * github.com/D-Programming-Deimos/openssl: >=0
 * github.com/D-Programming-Deimos/libevent: >=0

## Flags:
 * Library
 * -version=VibeLibeventDriver - options are VibeLibevDriver,

* handle dub packages, their dependencies are not fully qualified in
package.json so I can't just load them from the file, if you put qualified
dependencies in "dip-dependencies" in package.json it does work.
* support sourceforge etc...
* most likely I'll be changing the way config works because it doesn't look
nice in github's md viewer.
* check versions of packages and enforce them
* output help
* Fix bugs :)


Kind regards,
May 17 2013
parent "Tavi Cacina" <octavian.cacina outlook.com> writes:
Am 18.05.2013 00:53, schrieb Rory McGuire:> I've started working 
on a little experimental package manager

as DUB is similar and already quite far, it would be cool if you 
would join forces there, instead of trying a different path.

May 18 2013