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digitalmars.D.announce - dcollections 0.03

I finally got around to releasing 0.03 of dcollections.

  * no longer use purge iterators, instead I use the foreachable nature of  
  * Sort for lists (merge sort is used for linked lists)
  * Hash and compare functions are now defined at compile time instead of  
  * bug fixes

This release was delayed firstly by bug 2061, which was fixed in dmd  
1.045, and secondly by my lack of free time to get it working.  Sorry for  
the delay if there are any of you who acutally use it ;)  I still intend  
to finish the planned features, and port to D2, but of course, after  
changing the interface structure to find out dmd simply would not generate  
valid code no matter what I did was somewhat discouraging.

Please do not compile with dmd earlier than 1.045 and complain that you  
get segfaults.  Yeah, I know, the answer is, use a newer compiler... deal.


Jul 23 2009