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digitalmars.D.announce - Upcoming changes to DSFML

reply "Jeremy DeHaan" <dehaan.jeremiah gmail.com> writes:
Hey all,

I have been working on a lot of things for DSFML, namely getting 
it updated to 2.1(which is the most current official version). 
Some of these changes will break existing code in a couple of 
places, so I wanted to make an announcement before I started 
pushing the new code into the repo's master branch.

This announcement is mainly targeted at DUB users. Please be 
aware that it will update your local copy of the repo and  that 
might start breaking things with out your realizing. To prevent 
this from happening, and to allow yourself to continue with your 
DSFML projects like nothing is happening, simply change your 
DSFML dependencies in your dub.json to use "~2.0" instead of 
"~master". I'll wait a couple of days to actually commit the code 
just in case.

I'm really excited about this upcoming release of the project as 
it improves the stability of the library and fixes many problems. 
As always, feel free to email me or open up issues on github if 
you have any problems with DSFML.

project: https://github.com/Jebbs/DSFML
email: dehaan.jeremiah gmail.com
Jul 05 2014
parent =?UTF-8?B?IlRow6lv?= Bueno" <munrek gmx.com> writes:
This is great news, thank you for your work :)
Jul 06 2014