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digitalmars.D.announce - TinyRedis 1.2 has been released!

TinyRedis is a redis driver for the D2. It is :

- a feature complete implementation of the Redis protocol
- simple and documented, with examples
- unit tested
- in active development

This release introduces some improvements to remove common
boilerplate when dealing with types in D and Redis. It also uses 
of D's magic functions to make type conversions and iterations
simpler. The documentation has been improved a bit. Plus, as
usual, some more bug fixes.

I've also spent some time refactoring, pulling out the encoder,
decoder and the socket calls into different packages. The hope is
to simplify the logic and encourage contributions.

Website : http://adilbaig.github.com/Tiny-Redis/

And finally, TinyRedis has been included on the Redis website's
list of clients. Check it out : http://redis.io/clients
Dec 19 2012