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digitalmars.D.announce - This Week in D #22 - DConf Friday writeups, finally!


This finally wraps up the core writing on DConf 2015. I wrote a 
total of about 14,000 words on it over the last four issues - a 
lot of good stuff was discussed there!

Otherwise, the big discussions this week were about the web 
assembly and the flamewar thread, which I didn't want to spend 
too much time on but did briefly summarize. The big takeaway is 
there might be regular meetings of the core team now. Perhaps I 
can do brief minutes on those when they happen.

I'm not quite done with DConf, but the next few weeks will be 
back to tips, interviews, and project spotlights like before as I 
clear out some of that backlog and wait for more videos to be 
finished from UVU.

When they're all done, I'll paste all these words together with 
the links to do some kind of special edition digest.

BTW even for those of you who were at the conference, I ask you 
to take a quick skim: I added my opinions at times, and if you'd 
like to comment, they might be interesting to talk about in the 
forum! :)
Jun 22 2015