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digitalmars.D.announce - Scriptlike v0.6.0

Update to Scriptlike is out. Scriptlike is a utility library to aid 
writing script-like programs in D.


Changes from v0.5.0 to v0.6.0:

- Change: Path and Ext are now aliases for the UTF-8 instantiations, and 
the template structs are now named PathT and ExtT.

- Change: Removed path() and ext() helper functions to free up useful 
names from the namespace, since they are no longer needed. Use Path() 
and Ext() instead.

- Change: Internally split into separate modules, but uses package.d to 
preserve "import scriptlike;".

- Change: Rename escapeShellPath -> escapeShellArg.

- Change: Rename runShell -> tryRun. Temporarily keep runShell as an alias.

- Change: Rename scriptlikeTraceCommands -> scriptlikeEcho. Temporarily 
keep scriptlikeTraceCommands as an alias.

- Enhancement: Added scripts to run unittests and build API docs.

- Enhancement: Added opCast!bool for Path and Ext.

- Enhancement: fail() no longer requires any boilerplate in main().

- Enhancement: Added run to run a shell command like tryRun, but 
automatically throw if the process returns a non-zero error level.

- Enhancement: #2: Optional callback sink for command echoing: 

- Enhancement: #8: Dry run support via bool scriptlikeDryRun.

- Enhancement: #13: Added ArgsT (and Args helper alias) to safely build 
command strings from parts.

- Enhancement: Added this changelog.

- Fixed: Path(null) and Ext(null) were automatically changed to empty 

- Fixed: #10: Docs should include all OS-specific functions.
Feb 15 2014