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digitalmars.D.announce - SDLang-D v0.9.0

reply Nick Sabalausky <SeeWebsiteToContactMe semitwist.com> writes:
SDLang-D update (v0.9.0) has now been tagged/released:


It's a D lib to parse and generate the SDL data language (similar to 
XML/JSON, but more human-friendly, while still being very simple).

Most of the big changes have been sitting in master for awhile, so this 
is long overdue. Aside from various bugfixes, the big changes in this 
release are the addition of a StAX/Pull-style parser (see changelog), 
and utilization of D's package.d feature.

Full link-enhanced changelog:

- Breaking change: Changed package structure to use package.d. Most 
users will be unaffected, but the internal package names have changed 
slightly, and users of DMD 2.063.2 and below will need to import 
sdlang.package; instead of import sdlang; until they upgrade their 
compiler. The built-in command line tool and unittests, however, do now 
require DMD 2.064 or newer because of this change.

- New: Added StAX/Pull-style parser via pullParseFile and 
pullParseSource. (Warning: FileStartEvent and FileEndEvent might be 
removed later: #17)

- Fixed: Work around a DMD 2.064/2.065 segfault bug in a unittest.
- Fixed: #5 & #7: Building with Dub produces package format warnings 
( ColdenCullen).
- Fixed: #8: Consecutive escape sequences not getting correctly decoded.
- Fixed: #11: Newline immediately after // is ignored.
- Fixed: #12: Incorrectly accepts "anon tag without a value" when the 
tag has children.
- Fixed: The build-docs script was broken for newer RDMDs.
- Improved: Better error message for anonymous tags with no values.

The codename for this release is "version zero point nine point zero". 
Alternate codename is "4a44e9e88e573444cd6e7a43fb0e574ff5e03ac2".
Mar 16 2015
next sibling parent reply "Jay Norwood" <jayn prismnet.com> writes:
Very nice.

I wonder about representation of references, and perhaps 
replication, inheritance.  Does SDL just punt on those?
Mar 16 2015
parent Nick Sabalausky <SeeWebsiteToContactMe semitwist.com> writes:
On 03/16/2015 11:02 PM, Jay Norwood wrote:
 Very nice.

 I wonder about representation of references, and perhaps replication,
 inheritance.  Does SDL just punt on those?
SDL does not specifically address those. It's just left up to your own schema. (Which reminds me: I'd really like to see an official SDL schema format designed. I'll have to come up with a proposal and kick the idea upstream.)
Mar 16 2015
prev sibling parent Nick Sabalausky <SeeWebsiteToContactMe semitwist.com> writes:
Just tagged v0.9.1, a small but important update that fixes this issue:

Access Violation when using the pull parser
Mar 17 2015