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digitalmars.D.announce - SDLang-D v0.8.3 - Improved API/Docs

SDLang-D is D library to read/write SDL (Simple Declarative Language),
a data language like JSON/XML/YAML, but easier and cleaner.

The main focuses of this version are a revamped API and
improved/expanded GitHub-flavored documentation.

// Sample, but useful, SDL:
latest-version "v0.8.3"
release-date 2013/03/26
links {
    original-sdl:home "http://sdl.ikayzo.org/display/SDL/Language+Guide"

    sdlang-d:home "https://github.com/Abscissa/SDLang-D"

    sdlang-d:changelog \

    // API Overview and How to Use
    sdlang-d:how-to-use \

The codename for this release is "v0.8.3".
Mar 26 2013