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digitalmars.D.announce - Russian AI Cup 2016


Russian AI Cup 2016: CodeWizards is an annual online competition 
organized by Mail.Ru Group.  This year's task is to write a bot 
for a simple DOTA-like game.  The competition is open for 
international participation: starting this year, there is an 
English translation for everything (it may be rough at the edges 
though, for example, some pages may still use Russian by default, 
but the English version is also there).  Public beta started on 
November 6, and the competition end is on December 25.

The languages supported out-of-the-box are C++, C#, Java, Pascal, 
Python (2/3), and Ruby.  However, the participants may translate 
the language-specific development package into other languages 
and contact the admins to enable their use on the site.  
Currently, the support for D, Go, and JavaScript are added this 
way (official announcement coming soon).

My relationship with the competition is working on the D language 
package.  I hope to take part, too.

Links for the interested:

Competition site: http://russianaicup.ru/
Quick start page: http://russianaicup.ru/p/quick
Language package (English): 
Language package (Russian): 

Ivan Kazmenko.
Nov 18 2016