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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: cuteDoc -New DDOC theme

Nick Sabalausky Wrote:

 "Robik" <szadows gmail.com> wrote in message 
 news:j8f14s$1o78$1 digitalmars.com...

 I'd like to share with new theme for DDOC named CuteDoc. It can be
 found here: https://github.com/robik/cuteDoc .

 Live demo can be foudn here: http://cutedoc.dav1d.de/ . (Thanks to
 dav1d (from #d) for hosting it).

Cute theme! (A ha! A pun!) Little suggestion: If you leave the "modules" and "jump to" already-expanded in the HTML, and then use JS to flatten them upon page load, then it'll work for everyone, not just those who have JS enabled. It's never good to assume JS.

Done. Thanks for suggestion :)
 One other issue: When both "modules" and "jump to" are expanded, the bottom 
 half of the "jump to" is hidden under the bottom frame of the browser window 
 and completely inaccessible, and scrolling dosn't help (And that's even when 
 I have the browser maximized). Frames have never really been considered good 
 style on the web, and floating boxes are not far off from frames. You may 
 want to consider making them non-floaty: it'll take a *lot* less work to 
 make it work right for everyone.

I hope it's fixed now(it is atleast for me). I am thinking making static version.
Nov 23 2011