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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: Semantic passes are partially working in DParser now

Ary Manzana Wrote:

 Thanks for this. I can't debug well c++ code, so if DParser is ready 
 I'll debug it to match the semantic code with Descent's source code 
 (Eclipse + GDB in my computer can't display variables, and Descent yes :-))
 DavidL escribió:
 I created a folder named testsuite, the little example with 
 Compile-Time-Function-Evaluation works
 with the pragma statement.
 Thanks for people who are interested in this project. That's the power 
 pushing me to make it better.
 Some issues still exist. Though it's exciting for me to making it emit 
 something from a CTFE through
 pragma :D

Cool! Hope this make descent work better.
Oct 05 2007