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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: More ABI changes

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Don Clugston wrote:
 That's brilliant. It means you have automatic compression of trailing 
 zero bits. I guess if you strip off the "0x1.", you get rid of the 
 problem with the formats which use another character like "0xA." instead.
 I presume it will have either the length at the front like an Lname, or 
 else some character as a delimiter?

It doesn't need a delimiter, as it ends in a P followed by the exponent in decimal.

Great lib. Anyway, thanks for everyone who reply me, i'm now really in the right direction, i was so confused hahahaha(writing addresses). I implemented in my program simple read()/write() from the stream class and runs like a wonder! Bye :)
Jan 20 2007