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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: DMD 1.032 and 2.016 releases

Lars Ivar Igesund Wrote:

 Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
 It would be nice if the release process could stop this from happening.

I wrote a short piece on this topic : http://larsivi.net/node/114 As it is, I will recommend against using this release for Tango users. -- Lars Ivar Igesund blog at http://larsivi.net DSource, #d.tango & #D: larsivi Dancing the Tango

What if the community used some kind of continous integration methodology? If Walter updated a particular location with the latest and greatest dmd build, then an automated process could grab copies of libraries (latest release and svn version). Compiling and running unit tests is a great start. This could allow Walter, the Tango team, etc to get feedback prior to a release. I may be dreaming, but I could even imagine the automated testing/integration process packaging functional combinations of compilers and libraries together. Then we could have tango, phobos, dmd, gdc, and llvmdc all getting released together!
Jul 11 2008