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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: Can we all please stop overreacting?

Daniel Keep Wrote:

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How is that an overreaction? I entirely understand Steve. He did some work and now because of the licensing crap another person isn't allowed even to be inspired by Steve's code, although he doesn't mind it at all. That's why he is frustrated and reluctant to deal with Tango, because it leads to complications like we currently have, where someone can't use his own code(Yes I know that there are 4 people more and I don't know how much each other contributed, but Steve did a major rewrite). And there is nothing personal here. Because of the licenses, code from Phobos can go to Tango, but not the other way round. That is not fair and very unfortunate, as people are loosing time reinventing the same wheel and participating in these useless discussions. Steve(being involved in writing of tango.Time) confirmed that there wasn't any copying of the code. SHOO only implemented the same interfaces (not even retaining source compatibility). So why even bother?
Apr 30 2010