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digitalmars.D.announce - Re: Almost Finished D Installer

I will try and get my project hosted there.  If you all want I can clean up the
C# source code and make this an open source project where anyones ideas can be
easily donated.  I wouldn't allow anyone to change the main file but you could
view it and based on the main file you could write a snippet that you would
want to find in the next release.  
Lester L. Martin II
BCS Wrote:

 Reply to Lester,
 a place I may upload this file please let me know. I will try to host
 it on my webserver although it may be down at times it will still be
 good. Within an hour from the time I write this message I plan to have
 it on my webserver and ready for download. If traffic makes my
 webserver real slow I'll have to make it way you can choose mirrors.
 My webserver is my development computer so I have to be able to serve
 pages and use my computer for regular uses at the same time.

dsource woul be a good host I expect

Sep 30 2007