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One Piece 2 Gift Pack Giveaway at http://op2.joygames.me

Getting tired of the endless grind in your everyday MMORPG? Is 
your time taken by work or study? One Piece 2 does all the 
routine stuff for you so you can skip straight to the dessert ? 
PvP arenas, challenging dungeons and massive guild battles.One 
Piece 2 lets you play an RPG like an action game and cut straight 
to the good stuff while leaving the tedious grinding for another 

Gift Pack Contains:
2X EXP Potion (Bound)*1
10 million Gold (Bound)*1
Lv 1 Refine Stone (Bound)*5
100 B.Diamonds*1

How to Redeem Your Gift Code:
First, you’ll need to register a One Piece 2 account if you 
haven’t already. Don’t worry, the game is completely free to play!

Register Here
1. Log in One Piece 2 and create a character.
2. Click on the Hall of Gift icon (upper right corner) and open 
the Gift Code tab.
3. Paste your code and get your free gift!
Oct 08 2015