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digitalmars.D.announce - Ocean v2.1.1 released

reply Leandro Lucarella <leandro.lucarella sociomantic.com> writes:
Hello dlang-forum-people!

After almost 3 months since the open sourcing of Ocean, I wanted 
to give a small project update.

Yesterday both Ocean v2.1.0 and the patch release v2.1.1 were 
released. This is first minor public release since the open 
sourcing. Minor releases include new features, and since v2.1.0 
consists on the merging of 2 minor releases in our v1.x.x 
internal branch, it is packed with quite a few new stuff. You can 
see the full changelog(s) here:

In the meantime, we also did 8 maintenance releases for the v2.0 
series (most containing only 1 bug fix, but some containing 
almost up to 10):

All this is in the good side. On the bad side, we still couldn't 
move the whole development to the open source project (the main 
blocker still being setting up automated testing for the open 
source project), so for the v2.1.0 release we just included all 
the changes as a big commit instead of porting all the individual 
commits we made in our internal project. This is just a 
temporary, transitional issue, though and patch releases still 
get the commits cherry picked properly, as it is much easier than 
with full minor releases :)

All that said, I want to clarify again, that the `-preview` mark 
doesn't really mean this is not production ready, is the exact 
same code we are using internally at Sociomantic, is just that we 
want to make clear that development is still not fully moved to 
the open source project and also having different tags for the 
internal and external releases makes maintaining both a bit 
easier for now.

Finally, I would love to hear if somebody is using, or have used 
or adapted any code in Ocean.

Sep 22 2016
parent reply Chris Wright <dhasenan gmail.com> writes:
What does Ocean do?
Sep 22 2016
parent Daniel Kozak <kozzi11 gmail.com> writes:
On Friday, 23 September 2016 at 03:04:29 UTC, Chris Wright wrote:
 What does Ocean do?
From github repo: Ocean is a general purpose library, compatible with both D1 and D2, with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, real-time applications. This focus has led to several noteworthy design choices: Ocean is not cross-platform. The only supported platform is Linux. Ocean assumes a single-threaded environment. Fiber-based multi-tasking is favoured, internally. Ocean aims to minimise use of the D garbage collector. GC collect cycles can be very disruptive to real-time applications, so Ocean favours a model of allocating resources once then reusing them, wherever possible. Ocean began life as an extension of Tango, some elements of which were eventually merged into Ocean.
Sep 23 2016