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digitalmars.D.announce - Mono-D v0.5.4.5 - More dub support

reply "Alexander Bothe" <info alexanderbothe.com> writes:
Hi everyone,

Just sat down the last couple of days and tried to adapt further
MonoDevelop project architecture and other related functionality
to dub.

Seems to work (for me™) for some basic dub configurations so far.
Debugging dub projects (by using the right addin for it *cough*)
has become available as well!

I guess there's no need to manually export the dub config to a
dedicated Mono-D project file anymore from now on :)

I've written some documentation about changes, can's and cannot's
in the mono-d blog:

The raw changelog:

Issues/Bugs etc:

Have fun testing the new features (and filing issue reports)!
Oct 22 2013
parent reply "Misu" <misugi-pwnu live.fr> writes:
Thank you. I really enjoy using D with Xamarin !
Oct 23 2013
parent "eles" <eles eles.com> writes:
On Wednesday, 23 October 2013 at 10:18:41 UTC, Misu wrote:
 Thank you. I really enjoy using D with Xamarin !
Also for Android/iOS? Could you post some short howto leading to a toy app? Thanks
Oct 23 2013