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digitalmars.D.announce - Mono-D 0.3.4

Again a couple of fixes & improvements [v0.3.4]

- [DDoc launcher] Extended functionality (now delegates & array 
literals are handled, too)
- [Refactoring] Fixed most of the renaming & reference 
finding&highlighting bugs
- [Settings] Enabled relative include paths for projects (will 
take the project's dir as base directory) & global configurations 
(uses the config's bin path as base path)
- [Formatter] Fixed indent problem with pressing newline in block 
- [Internal] Added instructions for debugging the addin under 


- [Settings] Made url for opening manual pages editable, but it's 
still using dlang.org by default
- [Resolver] Re-fixed structs' default ctor - slightly buggy but 
- [Doc outline] Fixed representation of e.g. private const 
- [Doc outline] Added special icon for alias declarations
- [Parser] Fixed "synchronized" parse order issue
- [Parser] Fixed class invariant parsing & modified their 
representation in the doc outline
- [Building] Small fix when executing stand-alone files
- [Parser] Mixin parse error
- There are text boxes instead of lists for include paths in the 
option dialogs now

Original Post: http://mono-d.alexanderbothe.com/?p=350
Further issues: https://github.com/aBothe/Mono-D/issues
Mar 13 2012