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digitalmars.D.announce - Goldie Parsing System v0.8 - Minor Update

Not sure if this is enough to really be worth an announcement, but I've put 
out a new Goldie release that supports DMD 2.058 and has a couple other 
minor changes:

    - Added support for DMD 2.058.

    - Calculator samples now require at least DMD 2.054.

    - StaticLang: Static-style languages generate a proper compile-time 
error when used with a different version of Goldie than the one they were 
created with.

Homepage: http://www.semitwist.com/goldie/

ChangeLog: http://www.semitwist.com/goldie/ChangeLog/

Download Prepackaged Releases: http://www.semitwist.com/download/goldie/
Feb 18 2012