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digitalmars.D.announce - GSoC: Linear Algebra and the SciD library

reply "Cullen Seaton" <cullenseaton gmail.com> writes:
I'm a third year undergraduate at the University of Chicago 
majoring in mathematics. I'm very interested in working on the 
Matrix library through Google summer of code. The ideas page 
mentions that progress has already been made but that goals 
weren't completely met. What kind of support is already in place? 
Are there any specific types of functions that you would like to 
see added to the library? Although I'm relatively new to coding, 
I have a strong background in mathematics (including linear 
algebra). I've coded mainly in C but also in java, python, and 
very little in racket. Is this project appropriate for an 
enthusiastic participant who is not yet an expert hacker? Thanks 
for your time,

Cullen Seaton
University of Chicago
Class of 2013
Mar 23 2012
parent dsimcha <dsimcha yahoo.com> writes:

I think the ideas page sums it up pretty well.  Matrix factorizations, 
sparse matrices and general polish and bug fixing are the main goals I 
had in mind, though we're definitely open to any other ideas you may 
have.  As someone with a strong math background, you could add a lot of 
value by helping us figure out what features are worth adding in 
addition to just implementing the features that have been previously 

Unfortunately, though, SciD uses template metaprogramming very heavily. 
  If you're not comfortable with template metaprogramming in either C++ 
or D (you imply that you have no experience with either language) then 
you'd need to get up to speed very quickly.  The project will have 
almost zero chance of success if you don't master templates.  If this 
sounds too difficult, we still encourage you to submit a proposal for 
another project that doesn't use templates or other advanced, D-specific 
features so heavily.

--David Simcha
Mar 24 2012