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digitalmars.D.announce - FoundationDB D API

I've recently decided to open source FoundationDB D API from our 
internal project. It's released under MIT license since that's 
the simplest option I could think of.


It has been ripped out of a working project so it's missing unit 
testing and sample usage for now. It's based on FoundationDB 
Node.js API[1] and you have to be familiar with FoundationDB in 
general to use it. Certain features (parts of Tuple layer) that 
we don't use have not been implemented yet.

This has only been used/tested on Fedora 20/21 x64 and Ubuntu 
14.04 x64.

For more information about FoundationDB check out it's official 
website: https://foundationdb.com/

Comments, suggestions, contributions are all welcome ;)

Nov 07 2014