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digitalmars.D.announce - D Shared Software System 0.11 released!

DSSS, the D Shared Software System, is a tool to ease the building, 
installation, configuration and acquisition of D software.

Yes, another release, so soon. This just fixes some minor bugs. If you 
emailed me in the last few days, the bug you mentioned was probably 
fixed here.

Of note is that this release adds support for --prefix and --use to the 
`dsss net` command, so you can use `dsss net` to install software to a 
directory different than where DSSS itself is installed.

As always, more information is available at 

  - Gregor Richards

PS: If you have any interest at all in DSSS, but haven't been able to 
make it work, please email me ( Richards codu.org ). We'll talk. I'm 
trying to improve the docs and such to make it easy to dive into.
Dec 22 2006