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digitalmars.D.announce - DStep 0.1.0 - Automatic C and Objective-C binding generator

reply Jacob Carlborg <doob me.com> writes:
I just released a new version of DStep, 0.1.0. The biggest news for this 
release is the support for new platforms. DStep is now available on Mac 
OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. On all of these platforms both 32bit and 64bit 
architectures are supported.

For pre-compiled binaries and changelog (or below) see: 

For those not familiar with DStep:

DStep is a tool for translating C and Objective-C headers to D modules. 
It uses libclang for lexing, parsing and AST traversal. This means it 
handles everything that Clang itself can handle, although this doesn't 
mean it will correctly translate everything.


Version 0.1.0
   New/Changed Features
     * Add support for compiling as 64bit
     * Removed printing of output to stdout
     * Add support for and FreeBSD (32 and 64bit)
     * Infer the output filename of the input filename
     * Make arguments more consistent

       * Support for properties
       * Support for protocols
       * Support for categories

   Bugs Fixed
     * Issue 1: Escape D keywords for function parameters
     * Issue 5: Forward declaration of structures
     * Issue 4: Handle typedefs of empty struct

/Jacob Carlborg
Nov 10 2013
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Nov 10 2013