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digitalmars.D.announce - DAuth v0.6 - SHA-2 and Hash_DRBG

DAuth is a low-level authentication library which provides a 
simple-yet-flexible API, so your software can easily incorporate secure, 
upgradable user authentication based on salted password hashes.

By default, DAuth uses known-good hashing and randomization algorithms 
(currently SHA-512 and Hash_DRBG), but it accepts any Phobos-compatible 
hash digest or random number generator. You can have as much or as 
little control as you need, making DAuth suitable for both new projects 
and interfacing with any existing hashed-password store.


New in v0.6:

- Added SHA-2 (hash digest) and Hash_DRBG (cryptographically secure 
psuedo-random number generator), and set them as the new hash/RNG 
defaults. DAuth is only a temporary home for these - the SHA-2 
implementation has already been merged into phobos master, and I intend 
to prepare a pull request for the Hash_DRBG. But they're ready-to-use in 
DAuth in the meantime.

- Split DAuth into separate modules (using a "package.d" to preserve 
"import dauth;")

- Changed callbacks from functions to delegates.

- Fixed a few bugs, including an error in the dub package file.

Full changelog is here:
May 22 2014