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digitalmars.D.announce - AutoDDoc

AutoDDoc is a simple documentation generator script for D.

It's a single file Python script that scans a project directory, finds D 
sources and generates documentation using DMD or something else that can 
process DDoc.

At first it was only meant for my personal projects, but I think it might be 
of some use to someone. I used Python for convenience, it should not be 
difficult to rewrite in D, but I still prefer Python for scripts.

It's cotrolled by a configuration file similarly to Doxygen, but with only 
basic settings (project name, version, output directory, which sources to 
ignore, etc.).

It's trivial to generate basic documentation for a project, no need to play 
with DMD directly. 

It only generates HTML (CSS can be specified by user) and assumes that 
directory/file structure matches package/module structure.

It includes some DDoc macros and CSS based on phobos/d-p-l.org sources.

Link: https://github.com/kiith-sa/AutoDDoc
Aug 12 2011