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digitalmars.D.announce - ACCU: Wednesday, January 12 - Vlad Patryshev, "Monads, Functors,

When:      Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Topic:     Monads, Functors, Functions, Scala, and Java
Speaker:   Vlad Patryshev
Time:      6:30pm doors open
           7:00pm meeting begins
Where:     Symantec
           VCAFE building
           350 Ellis Street (near E. Middlefield Road)
           Mountain View, CA 94043
Map:       <http://tinyurl.com/334rv5>
Directions: VCAFE is next to the semicircular courtyard
           between Symantec buildings visible in the satellite view
Cost:      Free
More Info: <http://www.accu-usa.org>

Monads are a popular buzzword, but the basic knowledge is missing. Let's 
fill the gaps. This talk is based on the online presentation at 

Vlad was born in Russia, lived mostly in St.Petersburg, and came to this 
country in 1998. He's lived in California since, working as a software 
engineer at Borland, Google, and Tango.me.

Meetings are open to the public and are free of charge.

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The ACCU meets monthly. Meetings are always open to the public and are 
free of charge.
Jan 04 2011