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digitalmars.D - Wiki4D, Walter and DIPs

Please bare with me, my introduction is a little long, feel free to skip 
the first two, now three, paragraphs.

As D has been growing in popularity and interest it has become 
increasingly difficult for new users to locate the information needed to 
effectively participate in the community and development of D. Digital 
Mars has always been a great place to accurate information about the 
language, but has always really lacked important points. Wiki4D has been 
the place to fill those gabs, and has even became the official location 
for comments on any Digital Mars D webpage.

For years Wiki4D has been receiving contributions from the community to 
present new ideas, help new users, or clarify things that trip up users. 
But content would become stale, duplicate content, or never even be found 
by community. There has only been a few pages that have been maintained 
including IDEs and GUI libraries. I hope that the new layout will 
resolved the last two issues, and a lot of stale content has been removed 
to improve on the first issue. If something is outdated and little can be 
salvaged from it, please just delete it. If something is missing you 
thought was important, add it back, or ask.

DIPs: many understand the importance of a D Improvement Proposal, but 
many are skeptical for good reason that this will not go anywhere and 
this is where we need *Walter* to show that DIPs are official and will be 
taken seriously. A wiki is not the best place for this, but it is already 
set up and ready and why should more effort be put forth when no word has 
come, other than Walter starting the announcement. I would like to make a 
few suggests for Walter to show that they are official.

*Walter*, please reply with your position on DIPs. Walter, please take 
the time to review at least one DIP and make a statement. Walter, please 
create a page on Digital Mars for Accepted DIPs, in fact, just use the 
"future" page that feels so lonely.

I'd also like to see changes to the "intro" page to better link it with 

1. The top of the page has a "Wiki" link that leads to a comments page. 
Either rename this to "comments" like those in Phobos or have it link to 
the FrontPage of Wiki4D.

2. The link to "D programming community" should link to the NeighborHood 
or FrontPage.
Jul 18 2009