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digitalmars.D - Weird linker error with exit code 1

reply "terchestor" <terchestor gmail.com> writes:
I've searched for previous posts about that linker error exit 
code 1 without finding any valuable solution.
I'm compiling and unittesting a module importing other modules 
already tested without any error.
I get a linker error with one of my imported modules (named 
tausworthe). However I dont have that error when I import the 
tausworthe module in another similar module. I can't figure out 
the source of the error.
dmd -unittest -debug=Generator -main generator.d
generator.o:(.data+0xc0): undefined reference to 
generator.o: In function 
undefined reference to `_D6signal8__assertFiZv'
Jan 25 2014
parent "terchestor" <terchestor gmail.com> writes:
Finally found the error, renaming the importing file: generator 
to sigenerator.
With exactly the same code, now it links.
But, and this is the oddest think I discovered, recompiling the 
generator module after the renamed one, the linker error 

Does someone has an explanation?
Jan 25 2014