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reply "Mathias Lang" <pro.mathias.lang gmail.com> writes:
Some of you know devdocs.io, an aggregator for docs for developer 
documentations, as the name suggest.
It has support for a lot of popular languages and tools : C, C++, 
git, Go, PHP, HTML, Ruby, React.js, you name it.

I'll let you guess which awesome language isn't supported by 

So, what can you do ?

A) Vote for D - Go to Trello 
https://trello.com/b/6BmTulfx/devdocs-documentation and vote. You 
have to register to Trello, and it's a 2-click process.

B) Star Vibe.d (or DMD / druntime / phobos / dlang.org). I 
proposed they add Vibe.d to their TODO list, and the answer was: 
"I'll add these projects to the board when they have a few more 
stars on GitHub.". So let's give them a few more stars. (See: 
https://trello.com/c/PVnfdeaN/26-suggest-new-docs-here and grep 
for "Vibe.d")

C) Spread the word about A, B, and D !

Any of those steps, will help :)
Jun 02 2015
parent "tired_eyes" <pastuhov85 gmail.com> writes:
They have separate list fo JS-related projects, and another one 
for "other" (non-JS), oh my.
Jun 02 2015