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reply Andrei Alexandrescu <SeeWebsiteForEmail erdani.org> writes:
"How knowing Lisp destroyed my programming career"
by Ron Garret


"But then a very strange thing happened: I noticed that all around me
people were writing code using C++ and Java and Python and even (gasp!)
Perl, and they were actually getting it to work without tearing their
hair out. In fact, in a number of cases I saw people whip things up in
Perl in a couple of hours that would have taken me days or weeks to do
in Lisp."



"I get paid to share my code with "dufuses" known as domain experts. 
Using Python, I typically do not have to wrap my code up as a COM object 
for their use in VB. I do not have to code in a crappy language designed 
only for non-experts. They do not have to learn a hard language designed 
only for experts. We can talk the same language. They can read and 
sometimes maintain my code if they need to."

Jul 22 2009
parent "Dominik" <dominik REMOVETHISvga.hr> writes:
and from the man himself: http://norvig.com/python-lisp.html 
Jul 23 2009