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Because there is no strong evidence that DIP73 would fly, I had 
to take some modification to initial plan. Firstly I needed a 
workaround for the blocking point (creating an official 
repository) on my implementation list.

In result I created a satellite project at:

The main goals remain sill the same:
Speed up the development of standard modules by uniting  majority 
of  D developers
Lower the commitment barrier and attract more contributors
Provide out of the box and batteries included experience

All with emphasis on collaborative work and being in line with 
the official D development.

And I ask all of you to resolve the following two issues:

1. I presume that a part of the community don't want me to spam 
the main D development forum, so I have a question how to handle 
further discussion related to the idea? Can I temporary use some 
other unused forum (e.g. digitalmars.empire) to carry out the 
initial phase of the project?

2. What's the best choice for codename of the drafting library:
- Mars - (I think Walter should comment if it's not reserved for 
the language itself)
- Curiosity – I like it more (reference to the Mars Science 
Laboratory ) but I don't now what's the native English speakers 
perception of  using the “curiosity” word in this context.
- Other

Feb 06 2015