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digitalmars.D - The announcements are lacking something...

When I look through the announcements newsgroup, I see that 
there's a lot happening in the world of D. Development for the 
language has picked up a lot of pace in recent years. However, 
looking through the subject matter, I notice a common theme:

Libraries for D,
Compilers for D,
IDEs / Plugins for D,
Literature for D,
News about D...

That's all fine, but there's one thing that is desperately 
needed, which is announcements that aren't about things "for D". 
We need more news about projects that are written in D but not 
for D, e.g. flint, Facebook's C++ linter written in D.

I know there are people out there using D for production, but 
it's a bit depressing that we rarely see this type of news in the 
D newsgroups. I'm sure we'll hear about some of these projects 
during the upcoming DConf, and I encourage those that do to post 
announcements and write articles about their projects around this 
time. And in general, if you, or anybody you know, is writing a 
project in D, please share the news with the world!
May 04 2014