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digitalmars.D - Temporary static arrays on stack get corrupted with dmd -m64

Code (compile with dmd -m64):
	import std.stdio;
	struct S {
		short[4] x;
		this(short[4] args...) {
			x[] = args[];
		bool opEquals(in S s) const {
			for (auto i=0; i < 4; i++) {
				if (this.x[i] != s.x[i])
					return false;
			return true;
	void main() {
		assert(S(1,2,3,4) == S(1,2,3,4));

Output: the assertion in main fails. Inserting writeln's indicate that
the parameter s to opEquals is corrupted (has garbage values). Trying to
writeln either argument causes a segfault.

Compiling with -m32 works no problem.

Is this a known issue?


This is a tpyo.
May 09 2012