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digitalmars.D - Stderr.writefln

reply %u <vev6s4702 sneakemail.com> writes:
I used to use

    import std.stream;


    stderr.writefln( ... );

to log errors. I recently upgraded to v0.175 (from v0.12x), and this now
generates reams of errors:

    realtest.d(13): Error: undefined identifier stderr
    realtest.d(13): Error: undefined identifier stderr
    realtest.d(13): Error: no property 'writefln' for type 'int'
    realtest.d(13): Error: function expected before (), not 1 of type int

I've found that importing std.stdio will give me back stderr, but the second
two errors persist.
I've tried searching this site for references, but nothing explains the change,
or how to retrieve the old functionality?

Thanks, N.
Dec 04 2006
parent reply "Chris Miller" <chris dprogramming.com> writes:
import std.cstream;   derr.writefln();
Dec 04 2006
parent %u <vev6s4702 sneakemail.com> writes:
Thanks for the quick, correct response.

I actually *had* seen reference to 'derr' in my searches, but it had always
appeared tight to the left edge of the screen


and I assumed it was 'stderr' that was truncated by this (somewhat bizarre)
newsgroup software.
Dec 04 2006