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reply =?UTF-8?B?QWxpIMOHZWhyZWxp?= <acehreli yahoo.com> writes:
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What is the state of formatted input? There has been changes at some 
point and at least %x and %o don't work anymore:

     int i;
     int j;
     readf(" %o %x", &i, &j);

phobos/std/format.d(2690): Parsing spec 'o' not implemented.

Same for %x. Of course %s works but doesn't know octal or hexadecimal. 
Is this ever going to be implemented, or is there a different method?

Thank you,
Feb 01 2012
parent "Daniel Murphy" <yebblies nospamgmail.com> writes:
iirc the whole formatting/unformatting engine was redone/consolidated.  If 
this used to work, and doesn't now, please open a regression report in 
bugzilla (and it will probably get fixed before the next release) 
Feb 01 2012