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digitalmars.D - Size of float_t

I need to interface with an C lib that uses float_t and double_t.
Druntime provides aliases for these in core.stdc.math but it aliases 
then to float and double respectively.

Now on 64-bits Linux (Arch) this work without any problems, but on a 
32-bits copy of ArchLinux both float_t and double_t are defined as long 

This can be observed by running the following C code on both systems:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main(int argc,char **argv)
     printf("%i ", sizeof(float_t));
     printf("%i ", sizeof(float));
     printf("%i ", sizeof(double_t));
     printf("%i \n", sizeof(double));
Prints 4 4 8 8 on 64-bits ArchLinux.
And 12 4 12 8 on 32-bits ArchLinux.

Does anybody know if float_t and double_t being long doubles is common 
among 32-bits Linux distros, or if it may depend on the compiler 
version, processor type or something else?

Mike Wey
Oct 26 2013