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reply Orkhan <pirokinetik live.ru> writes:
Hello. I need a professional who has an experience in sockets and 
networking in order to make my server running without a stack. 
Once I run the server it stacks after 30 seconds. I defined that 
it is because of the cleanup interval, then I increased the time 
from 30 seconds to 30000 it worked but actually I want to solve 
it not without increasing the cleanup interval.

100$ will be paid to the developer at the end of the work.

  Please email me : a.mammadov2 liverpool.ac.uk

Mar 06 2017
parent Jack Stouffer <jack jackstouffer.com> writes:
On Monday, 6 March 2017 at 14:42:44 UTC, Orkhan wrote:
First off, this is not a freelance hiring board. Secondly, $100 for consulting work is less than 20% of the market rate. Good luck getting any decent help for that money.
Mar 06 2017