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digitalmars.D - Seeking (short) D developer quotes for article

reply Daniel P. Dern <dern pair.com> writes:
I'm doing a short feature article on D, reflecting the 1.0 release, for a
leading technology site/pub, and would like to talk (or email) with a few D
developers or other experts.  (I've already swapped email with Walter Bright,
and talked with a D contributor.)  

- What features, aspects about D do you like?
- What are you using D to do, have you done using D? What would 
  you have used if D weren't available; how does D make things easier,
  better, faster, etc.?
- Can you suggest any examples of D in production use?
- Other thoughts?

Please email me ASAP - dern at pair dot com -- I'd like to
talk to one or two more sources by end of this week.

(Sorry for the short notice.)

Daniel Dern (freelance technology writer)
dern at pair dot com
www dot dern dot com
Jan 17 2007
next sibling parent Walter Bright <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Here's one from Don Clugston:


 D is a language that seems to be made for writing libraries. It is 
 exceptionally easy to write rock-solid code in D. The powerful template 
 system, coupled with language features such as lazy evaluation, inner 
 functions, etc make it possible to create extremely appealing syntax for 
 library users. I believe it is possible to create nicer libraries in D 
 than in any of those other languages you've mentioned.
 As a library developer, I reckon I'm about ten times productive in D as 
 in C++. I predict we'll see a rapid expansion in D library development 
and from Jeff M: http://www.digitalmars.com/d/archives/digitalmars/D/Survey_-_what_language_are_you_coming_from_46026.html
 I've been learning D for the past two weeks. It's like C++ except that 
 it doesn't make me want to shove knitting needles into my eyes.
Jan 17 2007
prev sibling parent BLS <Killing_Zoe web.de> writes:
Life is too short to waste time with bad designed languages DOT

Too short ?

We are developing mission critical C/S database software dedicated to 
the vertical market. From time to time we have to support special 
hardware-components and our weapons are Modula/ASM. But this is history.
We use D now because D is as readable as Java, is speed-competitive to 
C, and (for us the most important point) is secure!

Jan 18 2007