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I realize that Dub is now the "one true build system" for D code, and
indeed I will be using it for a couple of hobby projects. However we
need to give people a way of moving from their current code bases to
incorporating D: we need to give C, C++ and Fortran projects an easy
transition to incorporating some D and then increasing their percentage
of D as they see how much better it is than C, C++, Fortran. This means
support for D in SCons and CMake =E2=80=93 people using Make are on their
own ;-)

I am not really a CMake user (apart from compiling LDC), but I
understand there is some support for integrating D into builds. Effort
on this needs to be made very public and given lots of airplay. Ditto
for SCons D support of course.

With SCons I have reworked what was in SCons to something more useful,
and that is now in the distribution. However, it is in need of a lot
more work. In particular:

a. It needs someone who is a Windows user to be involved in sorting out
the Windows side of things.

b. It would be good if there was an everyday OSX user involved, whilst I
have OSX I do not use it except occasionally.

I am happy doing all the Python coding and pull requests etc, but I
clearly need WIndows and OSX (and Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris,=E2=80=
people using my SCons branch to work with the D tooling to tell me what
breaks and how to fix it.

The problem of the moment is ensuring SCons D tools (there are three,
dmd, gdc, ldc) are ready for all the dynamic linking stuff that is
easing its way into D. Getting this right strikes me as a Good Thing=E2=84=
for increased use of D: the main aim here is to ensure people with mixed
language projects do not get hassles from the D side of things!
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Sep 07 2014