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digitalmars.D - Running DLL with RunDll32

reply Pete84 <eagle84 gmx.net> writes:

I would like to create a dll which I can run with a "RunDll32" command.
I have tried to run the example on http://www.digitalmars.com/d/dll.html, but
it throws a memory access exception.
My command shows as follows: # rundll32 test.dll,DllMain

I need this, because I want to create a Dll for using custom actions in WIX
(Windows Installer XML). So I already need bindings for <msi.h> and
<msiquery.h>. An example with C++ can be found here:

I hope anyone can help me. Thanks.
Nov 29 2007
parent Pete84 <eagle84 gmx.net> writes:
I found out, that these memory exception only occurs by using garbage
collection. Apparently you can't create a Win32-Dll with GC which you can run
with RunDll32 or this is a bug in memory management of GC.   
Dec 03 2007