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digitalmars.D - Resizing array of AA's -- known bug?

reply "Bill Baxter" <wbaxter gmail.com> writes:
Is this a known bug?

void main()
    int[int][] crazybug;
    crazybug.length = 5;
    writefln("after");  // never gets here

DMD 1.035.

It's so basic that I would expect someone to have run across it
before, but I couldn't find it in bugzilla.

Oct 02 2008
parent bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:
Bill Baxter:
 Is this a known bug?
I'm waiting for it to be fixed so I can remove about 100-150 lines of special-cased code from my libs, so it's a painfully well known bug. Bye, bearophile
Oct 03 2008