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digitalmars.D - Reminder: Less than a week left on std.log review!

On February 13th, the review of Jose's std.log proposal for 
Phobos has begun. Several suggestions have been made and Jose 
already incorporated a fair bit of them, but there is still a 
topic for which the discussion has not really led to consensus 
yet: Severity levels. Jose made a quite solid proposal, but for 
some people would like to see more, and some less – and as you 
are probably going to use std.log at some point if it ends up in 
Phobos, be sure to add your opinion to the discussion!

Review still goes on for another few days until March 6th, and 
please leave your comments not on this thread, but at the main 
discussion here on dm.D. ([1], »Review of Jose Armando Garcia 
Sancio's std.log«)

You can access the current state of the code (no major design 
changes since review begin) via a tracking pull request at GitHub 
[2], and the DDoc build at the original URL ([3]) has also been 


[1] http://forum.dlang.org/thread/jhbbfd$1tmk$1 digitalmars.com
[3] http://jsancio.github.com/phobos/phobos/std_log.html
Feb 29 2012