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digitalmars.D - Redox + D

I think most of people have heard about https://redox-os.org It 
is pretty modern micro-kernel OS written in Rust. I am not Rust 
fan, but if it solve some low-level task and allow to build on 
top of it more hight-level tools why not to use it?

Now it have port of GCC, Python and some other languages. Few 
days ago I wrote to Michael Aaron Murphy, man who did port of GCC 
and asked him about D. Here is his answer:

"I wouldn't count out Rust as being too low level, as it has a 
lot of high level abstractions, and crates to provide even higher 
level abstractions for more specific fields. That said, when 
Redox becomes self-hosting, it should be capable of running any 
software that depends on libc, D included"
Jul 26 2017