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digitalmars.D - Re: when I compile my compiler don't found the standard library

No, I don't use any link, the files are originals. 

what diference there are in to compile with the DMD or GDC compiler?

Lars Kyllingstad Wrote:

 lechon wrote:
 Ari and Lars first of all  thank you for your answer
 Yes, I'm using "Descents" plugin and DSSS for compiling.
 I have found the file  "libphobos.a"  in the directory /usr/lib. But also I
have the two libraries (libphobos.a and libtango) in the directory of "dmd"
 Where is the correct  directory for the libraries?

Could it be that one (or both) of the libphobos.a files is a link to libtango.a? I use GDC, and not DMD, so I'm just guessing here. I believe the name of the library is hard-coded into the compiler, so to use Tango one has to replace the actual library file. -Lars

Dec 04 2008